Sad Life

I met my husband in 1987 I was in love with him and I presume he with me. We married in 1989 he was a nice man but never wanted to contribute in any decision making, never socially interacted with anyone he was very silent which worried me but never spoke out, but I used to ask him time after time "do you love me" and he used to ask me why I keep asking him and I used to say oh just because I want to know!! But very cold man and lazy as can be we had two children but life was very empty and talking about us our family no he was a social retard although if it was gossip about family or friends he was all there there's more to life than bad mouthing people. My husband sits on the couch watching his Greek TV show before he goes to work and after till he goes to bed....such a boring man and a life. Our sex life is ZERO which suits him fine he is even lazy to do that and even when I met him he was lazy to do it! He never involves or ever involved him self with our children I gave to them, I bought them up, I educated them I try to take them to sports events he did nothing with them not even kick a ball with our son. I would love to leave him but I think it will kill me if I was to see him with another woman giving and doing things the proper way. 26 years I felt no happiness with this man none what's so ever I've tried so much I have a good job and am an educated person he isn't and his English is very bad I have tried to take him out to dos with work functions and his social words to the CEO will be bloody good night, f---n great food, OMG his language is bad and so are are his social skill, I try to leave him on his own because I don't want any ties with such a retard!! Help help help me my batteries are flat in this relationship and no re charger can do it for me it's over before it begun!!
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Jan 28, 2013