Sad Life 2

Well after my last post I've had a lot of time to think about things and what I'm going to do..... Well my lazy p---k of a husband is 55 years old this year and eligible to retire he has a good super and payback time and "Showtime girl" I will act I will get him to retire and obviously cash in his super and buy myself an investment property for OUR children and leave some folding to live well for a year and see if he gets off that f----n couch(remember this is the guy that doesn't stop watching his Greek channel) and then say to him mate you haven't done anything but watch that stupid channel of yours take what's left of your money count your losses and **** off back to your country where you belong. I feel heartless doing it but this is payback for the 26 years I've been raped of my dignity pride and happiness !! It's not all about money but that's will hurt him the most plus my parents are old now and when they are gone my brothers and sister will come into a lot of money and I don't want him part of that, that's for my siblings, my children and me not a stranger that's f----d up my life. Tell me if I'm wrong in what I plan to do!! At least my children can have something from the creep they call their dad it will make up for things he never did as a dad.
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Feb 1, 2013