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I Hate My Husband

I hate my husband so much that I feel I can't breathe. We will be divorced in two glorious weeks. He is stupid, sick, worthless, dumb, goofy, idiotic, lustful, impotent, immature, retarded, ugly, fat, nasty, sloppy, dirty, disillusioned, procrastinating, selfish, did I say general, he is just ****** up. I had early experiences with the stupidity of men, but decided to marry anyway. I have known hatred that I did not even know existed. I hate all men now, except for gay men who actually show that they have sensitivity and brains. My hatred for this fool makes it difficult for me to work, because I talk to men all day and they disgust me. I wish women could put all men in prison camps and call out the best ones when needed to move furniture, take out trash, build homes, etc., then go back to the prison camps at night to be tortured.

We'd have the sexiest ones in special camps with doctors so that any woman wanting sex could get with one at no cost, and then the idiot men would be treated by doctors to keep us from getting sick. Mothers would have midwives, nurses, nannies and stipends to help with the children that is all paid for by a female run government. Instead of football games, we'd go to coliseums and watch men be torn apart by lions and bears. None of them would be free and if any woman wanted to marry one, he would have a special electrode in his brain so if he ****** up, she could shock his *** into submission. If his excess testosterone continued to make him **** up, she could have his *** picked up and taken back to prison camp.

Sure, most men act nice when they are trying to get you to love them, but it is temporary. They need to be put in torture camps, and better yet -- we women need to come up with awesome sex toy robots and a chemical to impregnate us with girl children. Then we could get rid of men all together and there would be none left on the planet. I hate when women say their husbands made them do something. That stupid **** can't make you do anything. You are grown.

You men who read this and think you have rights, I have one thing to say to you. **** you and get in line at the prison camp door.
An Ep User An EP User 6 Responses Feb 2, 2013

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By the way I am happily divorced and single with idiots still knocking at the door that I will not open and I still hate his ***!

wow .. some man really seem to have pissed you off real bad. sad to hear that. But i agree with you when you say that a man can not make you do anything unless you actually give in .

Oh my god i love your story :)

Yes!! Happy to come across your blog- I feel the same way too!! They are monsterssssssssss!!!!

So glad to hear I am not on my own. I am stuck in a town where I do not see anyone or know anyone with this moron.

THanks for you your share, i feel the same most of my married life. he is a monster, taking my happieness away from me. i really hate my husband.