Will Dance When Free!!!

After 22 years of marriage I can't stand the thought of another day with such an idiot! Being drunk most of the time only adds to his low intellect. The worst are the husbands who get off reducing their wives to nothing. After sleeping from 3-10 yesterday, he woke up to pick a fight. Right in front of our child he kept calling me "zero" and holding up a zero symbol - as in that's how much I make a year. The thought that I have raised his child, remodeled a huge - in terrible shape -Victorian and tripled it's value, then still worked nights as a researcher - so basically have been his unpaid slave for 11 years now - and I hate him more then words can say. He gladly has taken literally hundred of thousands of my family's money - but forgets that or it doesn't count compared to his pathetic job crunching numbers on a computer all day. He gladly dumped everything a couple should do together on my shoulders, so you become imprisoned by all the responsibilities they don't take care of, as "they have to work" every time a big project comes my way there is no mutual support, he does nothing more in his home then take out the kitchen trash. That is it! He literally can't be bothered to check the answering machine, open the mail box, these tasks are beneath him. What an AZZ! I why have I put up with it this long??? I was scared to leave until it finally hit me how much larger my life will be if I never have to clean up his literal or emotional garbage all the time.

What is it - I am truly baffled - about these men that enjoy trying to bring down someone else. That doing that to their wife gives them some sick satisfaction. I take joy in being kind - not cruel. Though I do loath him now and just pray his health issues will make me one happy widow - just faster then a divorce.
But yes I hate him, loath him, despise, feel contempt and rage - have finally seen the light.
Any life is better then this!!!! Time to move out and on. It's time the idiot cleaned up his own life - I am done!
I will dance the day my divorce goes through!!!! Best thing I will have done in years.
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2 Responses Feb 3, 2013

Awe i love ur story i shall dance too for you..

You are not in the boat by yourself. My no value added hubbie just left and moved in with his sister after being unemployed for 2 years. At last, I am no longer walking on eggshells in my own home. I do feel guilty one day, heartbroken the next. I need some support.

I just saw this. Would have answered sooner but some folks (very few) on this site like to slam you - and after already bern hurt in real life - took a break from the one or two nasties lurking here.
Well understand your feelings!!! I am tired of the eggshells myself! Tired of bills he never paid, calling me a zero and then I end up paying the bill with the pathetically small sum of money Ai make composted to his. His money goes to the bars. Mine to feed our child. Yesterday was one of those broken hearted days. Normally I don't care about Valentines Day but knowing I'm Aline - and will be for a long time - wow does that hurt!!!! I hope you made it through the horrid holiday in one piece. I get to file for divorce this week. Just like you say half broken hearted half happy some of the eggshells will be gone. I need support too. Please feel free to email me here anytime you need a friend. I am not keeping well - so up most nights wishing I could turn all the thoughts off. Are you going to file for divorce or live apart, both??? Whatever the situation - if possible - try to take care of yourself! Hard to do, next to impossible when you have a child or children to care for too, but I am trying to remember and bring back the me - before the git smooched me like a bug. I was a happy, competent, person before - as I keep reminded myself, I will be again!!! You will dance once all the eggshells are gone and the pain slowly starts to stop ripping you up! At least that's what I hope!