Second Worst Mistake

i hate him soooo much he controls everything ,money me my kids everything...he works four hours a day and does nothing in our home...calls me bad names and to the kids and says that's it's my fault that he does so.i married him six months after we met on a rebound ...such a disaster he was nice for a while he's always complaining about money but yet wont do anything about it ...he's always in a pissed mood hes a miserable person i can't stand him anymore just his smell makes me sick i hate his family bunch of jack ***** that also don't work people had warned me but i fell in the trap...we have two beautiful kids but he sucks can't stand him he calls me such bad things...can't take it anymore i don't know what to do anymore.he won't leave says he'll stay to make me miserable and he really does....just looking at his face i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place... first worst mistake is i didn't wait to get to know him better and i had a chance of a lifetime to marry someone that was rich amzing made me feel like there was noone else in the room and i'm not Pamela Anderson i felt amazing with this guy i was in a hurry so i let him when he found out i was engaged he was floored and told me to give a chance in my head i couldn't believe thet someone like him would actually want me waht a mistake i'm heart broken the only time i feel ok is when i dream of my ex i still feel his love in my dreams that keeps me going and keep saying to my self if it's meant to be it will come back because he's also recently married

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1 Response Feb 5, 2013

I'm sorry but you have made a really big mistake marrying your currnet husband. I am so sorry that you did not choose the other man. After you saw that this man was poor and he came from a family that does not work I would not have even considerd him at all for anything let alone a husband and father for my kids. But you did, so at this point I would just try to get a job ( how does he support the family only working 4 hours a week?) and save enough to divorce him. That's really scary that we would say to you that he wants to keep you around only to make your like miserable. That's really scary and you nor your children deserve to live in a toxic household with a toxic man. I'm currently in a shaky marriage myself but you need out now.