I'Ve Been Through Years Of His Deployments, An HE Cheats!!!

We got married young, he joined the Marines, we were stationed on the west coast for 6 years. He got out of the Marines, took a civilian contracting job in Afghanistan, gone 11 months out of the year. I send care packages, pay his bills, take care of the dog that HE wanted, take care of the entire house by myself. The last time he came home to visit, he reconnects with an "old friend", over 700 texts sent between them in a few weeks, he denies anything and I don't have solid proof. Last week I get his credit card statement showing his and her names under plane ticket purchases to CANCUN! Today, he admits to giving her $5,000 to supposedly getting away from an abusive boyfriend (only after I see the transfers on his bank statement and question them). He apologizes, claims he only wants me and he made a mistake, but I catch him in a new lie every 5 minutes! I'm so frustrated! I've worked full time our entire marriage and quit work last July to go back to school full time. For the first time, I am completely dependent on him financially and he goes and does this. I know what I want to do and what I need to do, which is leave his *** and drag him through the courts. It's just so friggin hard to go and sign the papers. I can't stop trying to find the good in him that used to be there. Now I'm just mad at myself for constantly falling for his crap and letting him do this to me. I just want to SCREAM!!
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

Heres a better one. You deserve better. Stay with him let him leave you. In the mean time get yourself set. Go to school better yourself. Set money aside for emergency living expenses. Pre plan. You deserve security. Plan it while you are still with him. Then when your ready leave. He doesnt need to suspect your going to leave. He doesnt deserve your respect he cheated. And while the mouse is away you can play. If he's your meal ticket then keep eating until your full. Then stop.

leave his sorry ***