He Ticks Me Off

Would like to know what he's hideing. Can't discuss anything with him always gets defensive about everything. He gets 15-25 emails a day from women, says its nothing and he can't talk to them, cause he don' t have an account. Yet when he is on tablet he will set sideways so I can't see what he's doin. Last night his phone went of due to text. He snatched phone up so fast so I couldn' t see who it was, yet I'm not allowed to ask him who was that, he gets mad. He makes me crazy! Am I worrying for nothing? We've been together 25 yrs are we just tired of each other? He has lied on his profile and said hes single. Really, what does that say? Asked him about it, his reply don' t you have a house to clean. Why do I bother? Sick to death of feeling like a roomate and not his mate.
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I think you have your answers..... any man who get 25 emails from other women and plays single..... must go!!! And hun if you feel like a roomate the love has gone long ago!! He get mad and defensive, because he knows that's the only way he will keep you off his back and give him an excuse to continue doing what he is doing! It works every time!! A man who loves you takes time to tell you , show you, and share everything with you.....not hide and make you feel you are wrong! You know in your heart what you need to do...... good luck to you <3

I definitely don't think you're worrying for nothing. Red flags all over the place- (hiding tablet, multiple emails from unknown females, stating that he's single...)

If he is having interactions with females, interactions which he feels the need to hide from you, that says a lot. He is hiding this from you for a reason. The mere fact that he put 'single' on his profile should be enough to worry. I can bet that his correspondence with them is sexual in nature.

If he refuses to listen to or talk to you about it, maybe you could write down your concerns and questions about his actions and hand it to him to read on his own. If he still refuses to address the issue with you then I think that gives you more concrete reason to see that he is being deceitful.

I know that you may want to give him the benefit of the doubt and sometimes we go into denial about things but it seems clear to me that he is having inappropriate relationships with these women. I think it might help if you read back what you wrote in your story and read it as if it was written by someone else, then you'll see how obvious what he is doing is.

I find it funny in my case because it doesn't bother me if he wants to talk to other women but it is ridiculous and sad that he feels like he has to make up some bull **** to tell me so that he doesn't have to actually have a conversation with me

I think it must feel lonely and even paranoid like he has no one to trust

I understand defensive and the "do not have an account". Yet when he is on the laptop he can spend hours? He Makes me Crazy. We have been together 17 years. Sick to death of feeling like his wife and not his friend.

Crazy response........don't you have a house to clean. Throw his clothes out.