Sad And Lost

I am 33 and my husband has been an alcoholic for 4 out of 5 years we have been together. I have tried EVERYTHING to help him and get him to stop! I have left him a few times but am quick to take him back on the words that he knows he can stop and he's sorry. He will do good for a few weeks but will always end up drinking again. He drinks with the guys at work most days and ends up coming home already buzzed and slurring only to continue to drink to the point he is slurring bad and falling into walls! I can't stomach him anymore!! It's disgusting! I don't understand either, why I always take him back! I do love him but something's got to give. I am afraid to be alone, and he does help me financially! How do I go on???
Gatah Gatah
4 Responses Feb 18, 2013

My husband is an alcoholic he has been sober for 13 years now but u never forget that stuff they've put you through. It takes a lot to keep on dealing with it and they have to stumble onto their own AH-HA moment, if they even ever do. I think I would rather have been alone than to have gone through all that. It's too bad we are not born with the wisdom that goes with the years of experience and more often than not young people will not recognize good advice that is given them.

Your telling my story except I'm 35, helping him raise his 6yo son. We have been together for 10. Yes he says I can stop drinking when I want, doesn't happen. I don't need him financially I am the bread winner. Yet I can't find the courage to leave an stay away. I pray for you as I pray for myself that one day we will choose what's best. Good luck, an remember you are not alone. I cried as I read your story because all I could see was my life.

Be strong and move on. You can't help him unitl he helps himself and it seems he is not yet able to do so. You'll figure out your finances, you'll cry and feel alone but ultimatley you will be better off. It is though struggle that we grow and I have a good feeling that if you find the strength to get out of this unhealthy and unhappy place you will find your true self and wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Alcoholism is very hard to break! First he needs to know he has a problem, and on his own must seek for help... You are not responsible for his behavior... obvious he was issues that he needs to workout ... Supporting you financially means nothing when you have a broken heart... you have to love yourself more and to make a choice. Nothing will ever change if you don't walk away... It's not healthy to live this way but you know that... Being alone its better sometimes than living the same problem over and over... Hun you deserve better... stay strong make the choice that is good for you. a choice that brings happiness into your life!