He'S A Pig

I am angry,bitter, and sick of his crap. Why is it when he's caught in the wrong he always has an excuse or will deny his wrong doing? He ruins valentines day then denies it, and on top of it all refuses to discuss anything. I am sick of being in this relationship by myself. Last night he informs me, oh by the way, we have to file bankruptcy in order to save house. Really! Your just now informing me of this, I say. First off when we bought house he refused to put my name on it, which hurt. His reasoning for this when I asked, incase we don't stay together. Therefore I feel I shouldn't have to ruin my credit for someone who cares less about me.
This marriage is one sided, why do I stay? 1) We are raising our granddaughter, whom is my first priority.
2) After 25 yrs, I don't want to have to retrain. Besides NO women on the planet would want him unless it was for s--. Thats the only thing he likes. He's a major pain! There is no intimacy at all, he wants wild and crazy, I don't. Told him to go elsewhere for that. He lives on tablet looking at women all night long, gets himself worked up then thinks hes going to bed to get some. WRONG! Unless I am the one to put you in the mood. Yes I can be a b----. I earned that title, thank you.
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Hello lady-

Guess what? YOU don't have to file for NOTHING! As you said before, your name is not on the house due to his insecurities. Yeah, how's that working for him?
You should never ruin your credit for something you NEVER even had in the first place. Let him figure it out.

This does not sound like a good place to be. You shouldn't waste your life living and feeling this way. It seems to me many women stay because they think it's easier than leaving but I don't believe that is true. Initially it will be hard but in the long run you will feel a huge weight has been lifted from you. Take your granddaughter and leave him. Don't look back, just do what you need to make a happy life for the two of you. It will not be helping your granddaughter to see you in this type of relationship. Children model what they see so show her a strong, determinded women who is ready to do whatever it takes to get the life you want and deserve. If he's going backrupt his financial support doesn't seem like somthing you should rely on anyway.