More Drama

This is a continuation of the "Mental Breakdown" story. 

I had mentioned that my husband has been working on a job for several weeks now without a draw.  It is a huge job.  A 6,000 sq foot house in CA on two acres.  The owner is RICH and for some reason just wants to hang on to her money as long as possible.  The problem is my husband has many expenses, payroll, materials, supplies that he is supposed to pay with the initial draw.  That is how this business works.  When he met with the owner and the General Contractor and they inspected my husbands work so far they could not find any fault.  It also passed all inspections.  The owner had the audacity to ask when is he going to pour this?  I wish my husband would stand up to them and walk off the job.  I mean really he had to borrow money from a friend to finance this so far. 

Maybe I am being a victum after all because that is what he tells me when I get emotionally and physically sick because of the financial ups and downs.  As the bookkeeper he has me call the creditors and lie to them about when I will get them a payment and when that day comes they don't get paid and I look like an *** and once again he is the good guy. 

He made sure that I was in earshot when he told our 18 year old son that woman will take everything...whatever that is supposed to mean.  I would not give him the satisfaction of a fight especially in front of our son.

Our mortgage is again in default and his work truck is about to be repossessed.  So he calls me up bitching about how he still has not gotten paid.  I call the General Contractor and leave a message that they need to get us a draw for invoice #.... or we cannot continue to work on this job any longer.  When I told my husband about the message I left he called me a ******* ***** and stated I spoiled everything now and after doing his bookkeeping for 22 years he is firing me (yippie) and cutting me off from everything to do with the construction business including his money.  He stated that he is going to be rich and he WAS going to share his riches with me but not now.  He informed me that from now on I will have nothing to do with the company whatsoever.  He told me to call the Contractor and apologize.  He then wanted me to erase the Quickbooks and all bank statements so I will have no access to anything.  He took me off of our checking account.

Today he is working on the this very same job and we cannot pay our bills.  I don't know how he is going to hire a bookkeeper because that costs money. 

I don't know what I would do If it was not for my family.  They keep me going and I love them very much. I want peace especially for their sake.  They do not deserve this.

Thank god for my REAL job.  It is so nice to get away from all the ciaos at home and being around normal happy people.

Anyway I just need to vent.  tia

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2 Responses Sep 13, 2008

It almost seems there is something more to the story. I think what you did was right in regards to calling the contractor. I would've done the same thing. I can't believe he took you off of the checking account! You were only trying to help. Husbands are the ones with no balls many times then sit there and try to argue with us, the strong wives/women.

Are you living my life??? There are many similarities in our stories. My husband started his own business and led us down the road of financial ruin too. Somehow it's partially my fault because I wasn't more supportive. (I told him I didn't think the company was a good idea when he started it.) Meanwhile I financially support him, our son, and his three children from a previous marriage. I'm not sure how much more supportive I could be! Anyway, I know it sucks. I always ask myself if I would be better off without him. I don't know the answer most days.