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I'm So Tired of This

its almost 4 am and I'm on my couch writing this message via my phone. Must I explain how tedious it is to write anything this way? Anyway, all it tells me is that things are really bad. I hate y husband, for a while I thought I'd just get over the feeling but now I just can't stand the sight of him, he makes me so sick that I literally don't want to breathe the same air as him... This is not a random vent after a little argument, this is the feeling that has been consuming me for months. I've tried to pray or just ignore him but its impossible. He is a male chauvanist tyrant...two years ago he told me that he didnt love me anymore...I didnt believe him buy I should have because I finally know how he feels....I'm gonna take a drive because i feel like I may do something awful if I stay here....I guess I will share the details of my story another time...thanks for listening
Stressedoutwife314 Stressedoutwife314 26-30 2 Responses Sep 28, 2008

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It's four AM here. My husband is beside me. His alarm will go off in two hours. You completely sound like me. My husband flips when I drive at night. It makes me glad to know I'm not alone. I hope you figure it out... If I figure it out first, I'll tell you.

I hope you got some sleep last night. I'm in your shoes too. I have thought the same that I could change my husband's ways - but over and over we keep going back to the same place. It's time to do something about it. Hope you feel better.