I hate my husband!  I do not know why we are married because I have never thought much of him.  I met him in 2003 i n high school I believe.  There was no one else to talk to in that class.

We became close friends but the whole time he was supposedly m friend he wanted to get in my pants.  I hated him for that but he became my ride everywhere.  He introduced me to hardcore drugs and alcohol.  i soon became an escort and he took me to all my calls.  One night we were drunk off tequila and he had sex with my body while i was half passed out,  It wasn't the first time that has ever happened to me so i didn't much care.  But this time I was pregnant.

I had to move out of the hotel room and back in with my mean grandmother.  I had my daughter in December of 2004.  She was beautiful but I new she was his.  It was the eyes and now i noticed to shape of the head.  I put this in the back of of my head her first year of life. Then I asked for child support.

When he found out his immediate reaction was to go to court and take her from me.  So for an entire year all we did was battle, via phone and court.  He made constant threats and paid support a full order twice maybe.  I hated his guts and didn't even want my daughter to go over there.  There is so much more i can say that lead t a nervous breakdown and I have to be hospitalized. 

While I was in the hospital for two days he went to his lawyer and had him write lies that I was a crazy crackhead prostitute and he was a hard working law abiding citizen.  So he got emergency custody.

I will say this I was on drugs in high school when he sold them to me but no longer.  Was an escort for r two months but thats crazy.  I'm bipolar not crazy.  But without me explain that to a judge he gave her back the day I got out of the hospital.  He knew he didn't want to raise her.  He was done being an idiot.

Anyways in May, I guess we get together and go out to eat.  I get drunk and we decide to be nice to each other.I am drunk the entire month.  On mother's day we conceive a child again.  I move from where I was in with him in a flea invested home with black mold.  I have to beg for two weeks to get out of there.  We finally get an apartment.  That is bare.  On the day we got married in June he gave all his money to his friend.  All together his friends owe him thousands of dollars he want collect on while i apply for food stamps. 

He is the ugliest man I know.  His head, he is so fat.  Ugly teeth.  He does not care about himself at all or if he lives in filth.  The car has to start with a screwdriver and breaks down all the time.  And he won't put gas in it.  He call me a ***** when i complain about sleeping on the floor or him not cleaning up.

It is just becoming unbearable I hate for him to touch me or come near me.  He is obsessed with me and yells at my daughter all day.  I dread this new baby he wants to name ruger.  I want to escape.

kaileysmom kaileysmom
22-25, F
Jul 3, 2007