Is This Being Too Picky?

HE DOESN't even listen to me!

He is SO stupid sometimes.......on our way back from a road trip, he decides to put water in the car instead of that fluid stuff I told him too, it starts snowing & the wiperblades don't work, so he proceeds to stop every 5 miles to wipe off the windshield so we don't get killed! 

Last night I got antifreeze for our car, there is a radiator hose problem he had to patch & he never put the a-freeze in even though it's supposed to be 5 degrees for the next couple days.  His excuse? "I didn't want the seal on the hose to break he made out of quick-steel."

Needed to get a new belt because it broke when he started the car, then he puts the a-freeze in & it all runs out because the "freeze plugs" that were frozen blew off!

All because he couldn't pour an 8 dollar bottle of antifreeze in the car.

I didn't find out he didn't put the antifreeze in the car until today.


He never listens to me, with these dire consequences.

Am I justified for hating him for never listening to me, because he won't change. 

Disgusted in Colorado


Alexay Alexay
1 Response Jan 25, 2009

i don't think you're being too picky. my husband is effin stupid, and i hate dealing with that crap. YEAH don't expect too much from them, THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF FULFILLING ANY EXPECTATIONS. MY HUSBAND IS SO WEAK MINDED, i worry he'll CHEAT ON ME because he's so god FORSAKEN WEAK.