Can't Deal With This

I HATE HIM!!!!! he told me at tech school he didnt talk to any girls, BUT THEN WHEN WE GOT TO OUR FIRST DUTY STATION there this this ***** waiting for him at the airport. He says theres nothign going on and that he doesn't even like white girls, but i ******* hate the way she looks at him. I TOLD HIM I don't like her please do not talk to her, BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED THE NEXT DAY? we bump into her at the comissary, i of course roll my eyes and she has the ******* nerve to go to my husband and GUESS WHAT THEY DO. TALK TO EACH OTEHR AND MAKE LIKE I'm not even there. I ******* HATE HER! AND HIM!!! AND not only that they work together so I have to run in to that fat cow every now and then. UGHHHH I hate my husband for making me feel this way. He doesn't make anything better.

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4 Responses Feb 8, 2009

Oh, sorry just one more note... aggression towards the "other woman" is wasted energy... she didn't take the vows... she doesn't wear the ring (or offer you a ring) her values, or the lack there of, can not be the determiner for whether or not your husband cheats, or doesn't cheat... so whenever you see her... smile... and know that he will pay for it... because without his impropriety, you probably wouldn't even know she was alive...

hmm... honestly, infidelity is something that my eleven-year-confinement has yet to endure... I am truly sorry... I can imagine the frustration... but I suppose it's just my mentality.. but if he's so into her... he definitely couldn't come home and play "spousy" to me... It's not that he does it (associate despite your request), but rather that he ignores the fact that you have made the request... if you guys were fighting about it, and he felt you were over-reacting... I'd say, you weren't that bad off... but a blatant dismissal of how you feel... is punishable...well in many ways... my method is, not resuming any marital routine, until problem is resolved or at least discussed... I mean, men usually don't hear their spouses until something in the routine gets switched up, and then they say, "wha???" this is why most men don't pay attention until they come home to an empty or half emptied abode... <BR>All the best....

Forgot to say, take care of yourself and guard your heart. These kinds of men will rip you apart slowly over the years.

Well you KNOW something is up or she wouldn't be looking at him like the cat that ate the canary. He is lapping it up, too. I don't know what to tell you except keep an eye on things. Check those cell phone bills, etc. <br />
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Such disrespect. My husband did that for years and years until I caught his a$$ in an affair. I always thought he just needed the attention, but now I know he was just your average garden variety ho.