My Husband Is a Real ***hole!

I hate my husband for several reasons, but the number one reason is that he hates me and I honestly don't know why.  We have been married for five years and it's been like this off and on since the beginning.  I don't know whether things between us are getting worse, or if I am just getting sick and tired of it.  He is mean to me 70%of the time. Nothing I do is ever right in his eyes.  Tonight he yelled at me because our three month old threw up on his pillow.  How the HELL am I suppose to control that?! He is just so negative all the time, and when I try to talk to him about he just looks at me and laughs.  He is by far the most insensitive person I have ever met and the crazy thing is that he is proud to be that way.  To him, anyone who ever shows any type of emotion is weak.  He is probably cheating on me but at this point I don't even really care, I don't want to have sex with him because his attitude is a huge turnoff.  God!!!! I just really can't stand him.

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

My husband is goofy like that, too. He doesn't like to show emotion and yells over dumb things, too. Becuase of this he's so boring and every time he talks I just feel like yelling, "Shut up!!!" <br />
I agree that you should likely get out. Well, we probably all should if we went out searching a website that emphasizes how we hate our husbands. : )

This story actually made me angry(the baby puke bit)... amazing how emotions dive and resurface... Oh he's a special kind... I don't have such open hostility in my marriage... but somehow, I don't think I'm better off... Does he say he hates you? If he doesn't, make him say it. Don't try to have the heart to heart, babe what's wrong conversation... just put everything on the line... "you hate me, I'm not that fond of you, let's get a divorce:, or even, "I can't leave now, because of this, that, and the other, so here's how we'll deal with each other from this point on..." Sometimes separate sleeping areas, the death of all things sexual, not being available when he finally does have a purpose for you, can actually help you distance yourself enough to get some perspective about what move is best.... <br />
Good luck

You sound like me many many years ago. I should have left then instead of having two more kids with him. Now it's been 26 years and our marriage has never been good. He finally did have an affair and I hate him now with all my heart because of all the abuse I put up from him only to find out he is a low down disgusting cheater. <br />
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I plan to leave him in 3 years when my youngest is out of high school. <br />
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That will be 29 years wasted. <br />
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Don't do what I did. Get out now.