Why Stay When You Should, Could, Would-if-you-were-anyone-else, Go?

There's a poster (forgive my absent-mindedness) on this forum who admits with painful honesty her doubts about life outside of or after her crappy marriage when asking, 'should she stay or be divorced and alone?". Of course, the verbal reflex is, "get the hell out of there!". The truth, however is that if all were so simple, we wouldn't have this lovely forum. I too wonder about life after this reign of horror. I mean, maybe if I could just find someone out there who didn't have the same complaints, married, dating, co-habitating or exclusive copulating.  It's like if and when you find a couple who don't fight(because they have an arrangement/agreement), the perverse and distorted ways that they do vent their frustrations, makes you grateful for being able to scream @$$hole, at your evolutionarily regressed mate! So to all those who have been through the mud and muck and in spite of it all, still doubt if life on the other side is greener, i say...  my sentiments exactly

jaguilar jaguilar
Feb 13, 2009