I Feel Sorry For Him

it's really sad. i wish i had someone who actually listened to me. I had a bad dream this morning and I woke up and told him , and he just wants to ignore me and not talk about it. I hate that, I wish he would feel at least somehwat concerned. It was really a bad dream! but no he just doesn't want to "listen". wouldn't it be great to have a husband who would listen to you with his heart and mind, and who would understand and tell you , it's just a bad dream? how else am i suppose to feel better. i have a lot of go-to guys (guy-friends) who are there for me and always give me a listening ear. and their opinions at least, but him - all he cares about is getting me up in the morning so i can drop him off to work.  so effin sad.

falafel falafel
2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

My husband is the same way. I feel for you...I really do. hugs...

Do you want to post your dream here? Maybe it will help?