I'll Trade In My Doctor

Where to start is the hardest.  I was divorced for many years.  Came home to see my mother and met a man (only by age).  For a year before we were married we traveled (each paying our expenses) and then he would always pick up more of the bills.  I own my home 6 hours away from him; I am not allowed to move any of my things in his home because an interior dec. and his mom decorated it.

After the wedding, he informs me he does not like kissing (pecks only) and that sex is impossible.  Well he says his medications causes him not to stay hard.  But there is no passion either. You can say sleep only. Married 15 months now.

He wants me to work in his business and give mine up or I can leave.  Wants me to purchase a five million dollar property and put his name on the deed. Build two houses.  Take care of his mother.  While he plays golf every weekend.

He calls his mother every night to wish her night night.  And sleeps with the dogs who he lets do there thing on the floor.  (He is a Doctor).  Nasty.

I feel controlled and trapped.  I am a very strong professional person but just can't seem to walk away.  Yet, every day I hate him more. 

gettingstronger gettingstronger
Feb 20, 2009