I'm Done

i can't take the knives anymore.  i don't think there is anything new he can say to me to hurt me.  i've been called everything there is.   *****, *****, ugly, psycho...


there is no end to his hurting, and the worst is that he tells me it's my fault that he calls me names. 

applestar applestar
3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Same here.... and it's always MY fault, I deserve it according to him. ba****ds arent they?

GAWD men are such f*ing jerks!!!!! I'm so sorry. I know how you feel and I"m going to post on another thread about this subject.<br />
<br />
How they think they have the right to denigrate and ridicule and verbally abuse someone they were supposed to love and be devoted to is beyond me. They will push you to the brink, then sit around wondring "why" when you leave their dum a$$es!!!!

my husband does the same thing to me. we live his dad and aunties, and they like me except one, and he tells me its my fault. calls me a *****. ****, *****, stupid, ****... you know basically everything to hurt me