I Hate My Husband

  When I got together with my husband I was sixteen and I had no idea that it would put me where i am right now. When I turned seventeen he had gotten me pregnant and i split up with him before i  found out. I saw him once after i had my son. Then not again until he was a year old. By that point he was engaged to another girl. I decided that i wanted him back because i loved him. so he left her and came back to me. What a huge mistake. Now all he does is steal my money, act like a jerk, and sit on his lazy *** all day. Before anyone gets married they really need to think about it long and hard because it is a lot harder to get out once you are in.
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I'm in a similar situation. My mother in law is evil and tries to drive a wedge between us. We've been married for 17 years, and I'm here to tell you it will never change. These sons will defend their mothers to the end, even if it means their wives will grow to hate them for it. The only way it ends is if you leave or she finally dies.

Omg! I couldnt hv explained my life better myself!

Like you I was in a Similar position where I met my partner at the age of 14. We parted for 3 months when I was 18 then got back together, after finding out he had met someone else and got her pregnant. But he chose me and she had a Miscarriage. I should had walked away when I had the chance. Now 15 years later I have 2 children, living in rented Accommodation and I'm the only bread winner in the family. He is very Aggressive towards me and the kids at times and does to want me to go out with my friends or family. My advise is be careful what you wish for, as it may come back and bite you.

This is true. I thought my marriage would work because we were old family friends and reconnected as adults. We should have dated longer so I can learn the person for who she was. Now Im kinda stuck. Bleh

i feel sad for u but the situation ur in is kind of funny as well...i mean bad things happen in life but i believe u got to take the positives out from every negative and see things differently...this way life changes and u can have some mental peace as well

Such a true story, I hear exactly what you're saying. I've been stuck in mine for 30 years.....every time I get the opprrtunity to leave, I end up feeling sorry for him or my daughter moves back in with her two kids. It's seems liike a never ending story,,....

I don't know your age. But you better have the best birth control on the market. Men wait until you are weak and then you are pregnant again. And guess what it will be even harder to leave. If you can you should leave with your one child and take it as a lessons not to love a loser. I wish someone had of told me this 21 years ago. good luck and please don't stay.

why are you still with him love does not hurt. get rid of the 0 and get your self a hero

don't listen to the rude comments on here those idiots dont know anything but how to eat a jelly donut. If your not happy with your husband divorce him and live a happy life dont let others put you down because of this it's your life and you only live once and i'm sure you want a happy life for you and your child :)

men is lost big time in this world, morality or the quality of being a good men comes from above.

i stole cash out of myex;s wallet once, however i had just gotten it from western union from my dad and i shamelessly bought crack with it and sm0oked it all with a man in myapartment who wouldent keep his shirt on bc he was all schized out on crack. my ex thought i had sex with the guy, but i didnt. i dont think hes ever tried crack or hed know about "coke D i c k"

Keep your head up. Looks like you already know what it is that you need to do. I know that it is easier said than done when it comes to leaving a person, but I would really consider leaving a big option. I can relate to dealing with a lazy as loser that does nothing but bring you grief. Good luck....you are not alone.

Men are pigs and creeps and I am sick of them .

Men are not the only transgressos. My wife got into drugs and took 6500 she became a prostitute ....actually had the nerve to say she was working the Sunset *****...
It wa only after that she realized how i was there and what she lost. She's a little fish in very BIG pond, and spends her time mostly wondering where she can find shelter from one day to another...the worst part is she did it to mess my attempts to get my son back...he hates me now...

I do commiserate with you (why else would I have googled the phrase "I Hate My Husband"?!). But to say "...he had gotten me pregnant...." is not really correct. The two of you TOGETHER, were responsible for conceiving a baby. It may really suck now, but it did take the both of you (unless he raped you). Anyway, good luck with your situation. I hope you are able to get untangled and don't take your anger out on your little one.

i think you may have been a bit jealous of the fact that he was getting involved with another woman while you were sitting there with his child. and you had every right to be, but i think it all may have gotten a bit out of hand when you married him once he left his fiance to get back with you and be with his child. however, i do think you are realizing this all on your own. just get a divorce and dont go through any drastic and tedious measures to esnure you have your kid. if you are both good parents and mutually feel the same way about eachother, then just share custody. and if anything else, the courts will already be in your favor since the daddy wasnt around for the beginning of your childs life.

I have to add this other comment, pls do commit violence on your hubby, I don't want to get you in trouble, all the other tricks are legal as far as i know.<br />
You still have a right to defend yself if you have to.

I understand. My situation is practically the same. That's why I'd like to ask, if he steals your money, does he physically abuse you too? If he does, have you learned from him yet how to do the same? pls don't leave visible marks at all, don't ever let the nieghbors hear you yell-if the cops ever come and nieghbors tell em your a yeller or your "crazy" you could get in trouble, but hide that $$$ in your own bank account don' t let them mail statements to your house, don't do any thing for him, take pictures of any damage or filth or hazards he creates around the home, and get a free email account from juno or some other provider to keep contacts and important info in if you find yourself locked out from documents and stuff. you can also keep A DIARY in there and a planner-start keeping short notes in the email account planner and a diary so you have a chronology of events if you need it later, like for court. don't ever admit to hitting him-women who have hit in self defense or to keep from getting robbed have gone to jail for domestic violence. Bottom line he's gotta go. check out my story 'Pink cake' and 'I too am looking for love and companionship' Oh yeah, is he stalking you for sex? get something stinky and gross smelling to spray on a small piece of material that you can put on you when he's around like a scarf or something, don't where it around your kids, if they notice you can say something like 'I only smell that when dad around' make things inconvenient for him around the house every thing he likes do the opposite get creative, but while u'r doing all this, act nice, act like you had nothing to do w/it. make him repeat himself all the time like you didn't hear him. this is war, it doesn't matter what the current fight or argument is about cuz the real battle is over the space u guys share-I'm sure he already sees this hes the cause of it-don't let him know you know this, play dumb, but make him hate being in that house.

That is a most unfortunate circumstance, especially because it's not just about the two of you, but includes the considerations of a child involved. I pride myself in seeing the clarity in selfish decision-making, but in this instance I would have to put something else before my own desires...most distressing.