Not even sure where to start. I feel like I'm married to a stranger. To make the story shorter, we've been married for 4 years, 2 young girls, he's physically cheated on me and has had issues with ***** clubs and massage places. I have stuck by his side, as stupid as that may be. And we have been doing really great!! Just celebrated 4 years last weekend. Then this past week he started staying out late and spending hours and hours on the motorcycle and just not coming home till late. Pulled out a large amount of cash from the credit card(so I wouldn't see it on bank account) an then Wednesday he goes riding with his friend who is single, has no kids and is a young bad influence. Well that night I find a receipt in his wallet from an Asian massage parlor. And a total of $150 missing! I bit my tongue HARD and haven't spoken to him unless I absolutely had to. Well last night he was at that friends house and came home at 2am! Ridiculous right? Well today I finally broke. I couldn't hold it in any longer so I literally very calmly brought it up and gave him 4 chances to tell me before I busted him. He thinks it's ok to stay out all night and go to those kinds of places when he has a history of cheating!! Not to mention WE DONT HAVE THE MONEY! I stayed cool calm and collective the whole time as he was calling me names and just being absolutely horrible so I told him maybe he should pack a bag and go stay with a friend. He said he wasn't leaving but I just got home and he's not here... His truck is. So I'm hoping his friend will bring him home?? But am I wrong to feel angry and betrayed?? After tonight, I honestly do think a separation/ divorce is our only option. I can't be married to a man who thinks that's okay... And the things he said to me really broke my heart. But I stayed strong and didn't loose my cool. Now that I'm alone though.... I've TOTALLY lost my cool 😔
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Good for you staying calm and cool.
I'm not you but if I was , I would,,,run like the wind .

Run now

He knows you aren't going to stop him. He will keep doing it. I think it's time to have a talk...

Sounds like my husband. I'm sorry. :-(

We can exchange life stories!!! :)


I would leave. If my husband EVER cheered on me I could never forgive him. That is maybe my shortcoming but I would always be questioning where he was, who he was with and .... I like myself way to much for that. I also feel that the massage parlor thing is cheating. You are not wrong, you are not overreacting. You deserve better for yourself. It's always easy to spout off an opinion from the cheep seats over here but, it's not ok to be verbally abused either.