I Wish He'd Die

Every day I turn on to our street praying he's not home before me.

We have crafted a polite dance in the house - we're always at least 1 floor away from one another.... and at night 2 glorious floors away from each other.  In 3 years of marriage we've shared a bed totaling no more than 1 month.  He requires sex every 3 days or he's a raging *****.  He puts in about 1/3 the amount of money I do towards bills - requiring an enormous "allowance" weekly - which he spends feeding his fat body with booze, cigarettes, trans fatty foods, and retarded entertainment.  When I complain about money he looks at me like I've been living high on the hog - when in reality I haven't had my hair done in 3 years.   He's a widower..... first wife died.  Lucky *****.  He came with a whole slew of "issues" when we met.  I cared for him so I stuck around and worked through them.  After we were married I started realizing what a selfish pig the man is.  My hatred for him runs deep.  Even when we get along I still hate him.  I wish he'd get in a car accident or get sick and die.  I feel like even when I'm not actively hating him my body still ebbs with this overwhelming desire for him to just GO AWAY.  My hatred is pretty intense.  His grief and our money fights are just too much for me to deal with... I'm too young for this ****.

Bridgette06 Bridgette06
Feb 28, 2009