So not only did my husband come home at 3 am!!!! He then proceeds to text me at 4am while I'm sleeping saying "I should just come in there and 'rape' you" and then sends me a pic text that says something like "**** me! Long, hard, deep, passionately,..." Blah blah. I can't believe he had the nerve to even suggest sex. We haven't been talking since Wednesday and got into a huge argument last night where separation was suggested and not to mention the god awful things he said to me!! Then he comes home at 3am and text me that?!? Oh I could kill him.
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Wow, sounds like there's little problem brewing.

Sounds like mine!

I'm sorry :( we can exchange stories!!! Lol

Did you **** him ? Be honest.


True story

Did you feel safe? Hopefully he was drunk enough you could have kicked his *** if needed.

Eh, they're about the same.

Unfortunately no *** kicking took place.

You have a generous amount of restraint.

Too much restraint πŸ˜•

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Sounds like a creep!

That will turn you on

What will?

Beinh mad from your husband will make you mote horny


Uh no

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I can relate so well !!!!!! Not a good feelin makes u feel like a hoe and makes u think ur just a peace of meat *-*

He sounds very immature, he needs to grow up

He has come a long ways but he definitely has a lot more growing up to do :/

See, this is the type a story that **** me off. Women always say a some one who is caring and loving, but when they get someone like that, they don't know how to treat them. but then in the end, they end up marrying ******** like that. But then they complain about it . What the hell?πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ΊπŸ˜Ύ

We didn't ask for your opinion . If you don't have anything nice to say or even a word if wisdom stay out of someone conversation !

Whatever hatchet hoe!

He does sound bitter.....

To say something about someone you don't know . You must be one yourself!

Just so you know, my husband was that loving caring man when we first got together. Things changed after we had our first baby. Now they're constantly back and forth. He's all I've ever known. Been together since I was barely 17.

Sounds like he didn't want to have any kids.

Some men just change after they have gone through one their selves !

True. But then again, it was probably all a front. You'll find someone that'll love you eventually. Just make sure you're totally over him first.

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Well sweetie it doesn't get better either. I have been up and down about my husband cheating on me and then he thinks it's all better by saying sorry and he texted me crap just like your husband does. He says he loves me but I just don't believe he does! I feel the same way you do! Keep strong and don't give in.

How long have you been married? We just had our 4 year anniversary. And he cheated on me about 2 1/2 years ago. That's the last time that I know of. Besides his little Asian massage trips. Which I can't prove

12 years this june

How long have you been living like that? ::

It's been a long time. After we had our son first child it's like her changed. The women he cheated in me with one was his cousins wife and the other was a middle school girl friend. He told me two years ago. The first one was like four or five years ago and the second time he cheated was three years ago.

What's wrong with them? And how do you stay? I'm constantly thinking every time he's home late that he's cheating.. I consider sketchy Asian massage places cheating now, but I have no proof. I had proof of the actual affair 2 years ago and I feel like I need proof of EVERYTHING NOW :/

I love Asian massages mmmmmm

You're pretty much a despicable human being. I hope your wife finds out

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Yeah it sucks:/

Sorry, I've been living in separate wings of my home for years. At first I thought I could make it work, but now I pretty sure I can't.

That's terrible :(

What a ****

Apparently he seems to think that having sex will fix the most damaged parts of our marriage. Sorry! It doesn't work like that!! Ugh

That don't work some guys just don't know how to treat girls