Husband's Obsession With Ex's Wife's Teen-woody Allen Syndrome

Brief background-husband married to ex wife who was convicted drug addict, embezzled from his business, then had a kid by another man. You would think he would hate her but he became obsessed with the his ex's daughter and gave lots of money even though not father or legally obligated. When he started to hug and touch her too closely and the girl would tell me to ask him for more money and when the grandmother continued to whine about needing more money-I put a stop to it. Told him he was being used. Anyway he continued to see her and lied about the visits. I figured he would never grow out of the obsession and hoped he wouldn't be blackmailed. Now I'm on a fixed income and asked husband to help with bills. We live in the house I bought before we married. He has the nerve to complain about giving me money. Then I find out he paid for the ex's teen, now 17, to go to France for a month. I told him if he has the money to send his ex's kid to go to France then he has money to give me. So he lies and said he didn't pay for her trip and didn't know anything about it. I showed him a pic of the girl in france that she sent me and then he says he never saw the pic. I said, "just ******* admit you paid for the girl to go to france and you can't help pay the bills? Are you insane?" Now my fear is he is getting sexually attracted to her and will become another woody allen.

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

im with webqueen on this ....i think he wants her ......