How Did I End Up Like This??

I married a guy I had known since the sixth grade, we married when I was 20 and in law school.  I am now 33 and he was just arrested for aggravated assault - he pushed me down the stairs.  His anger came from the fact that I found out he's been spending $20 a day on a vicodin fix he has, for at least the last year.  He was always telling me the money was going towards a race car he was fixing up.  We have three children of our own and he has a daughter that we have sole custody of after her mother got drunk and crashed her car without the child being in a seat belt.  The child suffers from a closed head injury is 15 with the mentality of an 18 month old.  We also have custody of his 3 year old niece that's mother died when baby was two months old.  His brother couldn't get out of the bottle long enough to care for her.  I dropped out of law school when the car accident happened because his daughter needs full time care and I didn't feel it right to put her in a state run facility for the mentally handicapped.  I know they will hold him for 24 hours but the police officer said he could come back tomorrow and it could take two weeks for the prosecutiing attorney to decide if he'll press charges or not.  In this county the prosecuting attorney does not like to do anything.  This is the third time he was arrested and with 5 kids, one handicapped, I can't just up and run. 

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Change the LOCKS! He doesn't get to come back into the home after nearly killing you!!

Move in w/ a family member, is that feasible?