I married a piece of sh!t for a husband. He made online profiles and tried to cyber sex. He sent a pic of his dck to some ho. Had two female friends he claimed were just friends. Whatever, b.s.

I'm stuck at home with kids and he always goes to his piece of sh!t man cave or his friends houses. I completely lost all trust and respect for him. I'm stuck here because, one, I'm in Australia and, two, I am not a citizen. I miss the States and my family. He lies and lied before I married him. He's an a$$hole!
What's worst, I'm 37weeks pregnant with number 3. Can't wait to get my sh!t together. I'm getting a divorce. Fckn hate him.

Right now, I'm annoyed as fck, my kids are rowdy. He's being an a$$ doing sh!t on purpose. He acts like a fckn child. If I only knew, I would never even looked his way. If I can only go back in time and bitc# slap myself, for even talking to him. Uuggghh..ucckkk....#!$&@!!!
nikkiab86 nikkiab86
26-30, F
Aug 22, 2014