Why Can't He Just Leave...

We got married nearly 5 years ago. I'd known him over 20 years before that but always thought what a nice man he was. The moment that ring got on my finger he showed me who he really is - a bloke with Victorian values, the wife should obey, never have an opnion, never answer back and do everything possible to make his life sweet.

Course, he chose the wrong person, cos I will never be like this in a million years.

He goes round finding the smallest things to moan about, he rants and raves like a demented ape over things like my putting a towel on the radiator. he doesn't do a scrap of work but plays on his xbox all the time, chatting and laughing with his 'mates' on the ether.

He's never taken me out for a meal or anything, won't even walk the dog with me. it's 'me, me,me' with him all the time.

If I go 'too far' - which means I dare answer back - he gets violent and puts his hands round my neck etc. Oh I don't sit there and take it, I give it back... which I hate having to do so but I won't be subjected to that kind of thing.

Today he spat on me, calls me all the names under the sun, says he is 'having me committed' cos I am psycho.. all cos I interupted his xbox game to ask him if he wanted a cup of tea.

I wish he would die - and soon. I'm not leaving my house, but he refuses to go.

God, I hate him so much!

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Hi,<br />
I am so sorry that you are going through this horrifying ordeal, i feel so enraged for you yet unfortunately i know all too well just how desperate & angry you feel because i was once where you are now!<br />
This guy is not simply archaeic but a vile abusive animal, a chameleon who only shows his true colours when he is alone with you,......you know that this is domestic-violence & i implore you to reach-out & attempt to get help, ( there are many women's organisations out there who will help you to find a way-out).<br />
If you ever want to talk ( oor if indeed you are searching for a GENUINE friend then that is great too), please feel free to contact me.<br />
Remember someone cares & i will be here if you need someone & i will not disappear.

i hate people who play games online... my husband can sit in front of the tv for hours and hours while i cook and clean. Men are so ******* selfish