God, I am sooooo tired of hearing him whine about how his ex wife cheated on him and left him for another man. Let's see, he is 6'4", gorgeous, built like a god, sexy as hell, educated, and RICH!! Maybe he is just a better man then you, LITTLE guy. And from what I saw at the pool party he is supremely better equipped, but yeah, that doesn't take much does it??
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why did you marry him?

Damn... Lmao!

I know. I am usually not that big of a b!tch. Was just angry.

I try not to laugh at other peoples problems but that cracked me up! Sorry!

It's ok. It is laughable. Hubby asked me to wear a skimpy bikini to a pool party. I agreed but told him I didn't feel comfortable wearing it. I get introduced to the guy his ex left him for (not knowing who he was). Hubby sees us talking and caused a big scene. Cliff note version.

Ouch! He makes you wear something skimpy and then pitches a fit when you get talked to? That's hilarious!

Yes, not the first time either.

I'm sorry to hear that, I love the skimpy part but reacting like that is childish on his part... Do you think he's testing you? I love it when my wife wears skimpy but I react to it completely different! ;)

I think he really wants me to, but them gets really jealous and blames me.

Sorry for spelling errors, a little tipsy!

Now I'm jealous! :D

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I'm sorry you aren't happy right now. I do know things can get better with hard work from the both of you. Fight for your marriage!

Could this be round 2 for him????