Why do I ALWAYS get put on the back burner?! My husband chooses everything over me and our kids. I'm ******* sick of it. What's love anyway, right??
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Ahhhh!!!! Story of my life. Except add that when I being up solid facts that prove how little he does/is for me I get a twisted manipulated answer anytime he hurts me or drops the ball on things that matter for our family it's my fault. Any time i say please so this he replies "I do" any time I ask him to make me a priority he tells me he's the only one who tries. Holy cow do you believe the bs you spew or do you just soley live to make me crazy. I HATE HIM

This sounds like my life totally

Priorities and preferences. His are elsewhere.

Hey young lady, your marriage will be what you make it! No you should not be put on the back burner. You and the children should come before anything. I believe God first! If you really want to know what true love is...read your bible. Its not hard. Pray for understanding and pray God will help you! You never know what's in store for you and your wonderful family.

Find someone that will put you first, always!