Drunk When Baby Was Born

 My husband was drunk when my water broke and I went into labor with our first child. Now a month or so away from the due date of our second, my husband said to me last night (as he was drinking)... "I would appreciate more warning this time. 'My water broke' isn't good enough."

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My husband was drunk when I was ready to go to the hospital 6 years ago with my third child. He wanted me wait the next day so I could get my check put into the bank. I had to end up driving myself to the hospital when my contractions got to 10 minutes apart. When I got to the hospital they were 5 minutes apart and I had her 5 hours later. He's gone into 3 rehabs since then and we have been separated for as long as 2 years at one point since then also. His heart has been softened by christian rehab centers and he's not such a heartless ***. Mostly because he doesn't want me to kick him out on his ***. Within the past 6 years I've got enough education to live on my own and have my own home, well it's in my dad's name because if we divorce I wanted to make sure he couldn't get half the value and I'd still have a place to live with the kids without having to move them around, but the home is mine. I've always got my papers filled just in case so he knows all it takes is a phone call and things will be rolling down hill for him fast. He goes to AA a lot more now that a lit a fire under his ***. I'm getting more education and will be able to make 60 to 75 thousand a year in 3 years on my own. If anything work on yourself and making your life better and try not to focus on him so much. Try to look up how to become more assertive to take control of your life. Taking care of myself involved getting to a place where I needed to do more than take long baths, get involved with church and read more. I actually needed to do something to make my life better in the long run. This has given me enough strength to tell him like it is and bring him to his neighs in submission. He no longer tells me what to do, he asks nicely and I have no problem saying no if I've got other plans with the kids or doctors. He now knows he no longer comes first. All he did was walk all over me when I acted like he came first anyway. I thought I was trying to earn his respect treating him the way I'd like to be treated, and I thought he had enough brains to understand and be taught eventually how to treat me if I was nice. So light the fire my dear, it helped with me. I know what you night be thinking I'm stupid for staying with the dude.......Oh, you know what else you can do is go to www.winbackyourheart.com and look up sociopaths being educated about this stuff and other things seems to through them off there high horse when you mix it with words that tell them you have no fear. Also look up COAs and the effects of alcoholism on spouses, and children and have him read it. It might make you upset to know the trueth but at least you'll know whats comeing to you. And the things you can do to make things easier for you. I told mine he had to read about all the effects that they have on the kids and me, and will keep telling him about articles and things he needs to read. Education is key. HBO has some videos about alcoholism and substance abuse that are good to watch if you'd rather not read about it. Biggest thing for me now is making myself educated to make the right choices and letting him know why those choices are correct. He can't argue with scientific studies and people with Masters degrees and PHDs. Tell him what reality is, I let mine know on a regular basis, it seems to work.

aww that sucks... my husband threw a party at our house while i was in the hospital recovering from labour. On the day i was discharged i phoned him for 3 hours waiting for my ride to get picked up. I came home to a house with sticky floors, beer cans everywhere and 2 drunks sleeping on my couches. 3 people had slept in my bed and had just left and the bed was messy...was i ever pissed. i feel for you