Never Ending Story

I have been married for almost 1 year and have been with my husband for 8 years.  He was the first and only person i have ever kissed.  He was and still is a classic boy from the wrong side of the tracks, while i was the straight A's athletic girl with a bright future ahead of her.  After i graduated i went on to university while he remained in high school for 3 years until he finally dropped out.  I drove home 3 hours every weekend to see him excited and love struck.  He went out and got drunk every weekend while i was never a partier.  Looking back now I see that i tried my best to always make things work... for some reason i held on to our relationship.   Finally during my last year i met a real man.... he was everything i wanted and looked for.  I was in love and he loved me.  So i tried to break it off but he cried and promised to change so i bought it all.  I believed him and decided to give him another chance... 1 month later im pregnant.  I manage to graduate and get a good job.  Things are good for a while but then he starts drinking again... no job ... playing xbox all day long.  I have the baby...fights fights fights bruises.  Pregnant again... fights fights... I catch him in bed with another woman... o don't leave me ... marry me.  We get married, pregnant another baby.  Fights fights drunk, don't come home, where are you, no job.  Fights fights.  As of now i feel like i don't even care anymore.  Everyday i tell him i hate him, everyday i tell him he is a loser.  Many times i try to leave and he always has the right words that keep me here.   But then the next night he is out drinking anyways

Alone and Unhappy

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1 Response Mar 5, 2009

**** HIM LEAVE HIM FOR REAL. Honestly, do you want to wake up on your death bed and realize you wasted your whole life on this fucktard? Take the babies and give them a better life.