I Hate My Husband

My life is like a slow death because of my husband.  He has got ambition unmatched by talent and competence. The result is tragic: a big and ever growing debt and a lifetime of anxiety and stress.  We have been married for over 10 years and he has never made financial contribution to the household.  We have $100,000 in debt.  I feel I am losing my patience with him and sometimes wished aliens would come down and take him away.

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

your life sounds like mine. Can you ask those aliens to make a quick pick up at my house too?

I've also wished that something tragic would happen to mine and I'd never have to deal with him again.Look up how to become assertive, and the word sociopath. Educating yourself on things like this can help you put your foot down, and get him away if need be. <br />
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Visit there it might help. If your not Catholic I'd get a divorce and become Catholic. I went to some classes through them 4 years ago and wasn't ready to get on with things without my husband. Now that I am it remeber how nice and supportive they were in group. I wish I would have done it then,helps to have others back you up. I found out you can get an annulment easy through them with there help. Classes start at the beginning of the school year next year and its really very interesting and healthy to be involved in church. It might help you feel like you haven't done something terribly wrong by divorcing/annulling your husband out of your life, because you can feel real forgiveness for your sins there, I have. You just might find a nice guy at there singles meetings. My husband is also a worthless peace of ****. It should be done and over with soon thankfully. I'm really looking forward to it. I was hoping my husband would go through the classes with me, and wake up and get to rehab and we'd get remarried in the church and he'd have a change of heart. Become a different person because he cared about being a good husband and father, but I guess all of that was lies because I haven't seen that sober person yet and waited long enough. I guess he's just to dumb to make good choices in our relationship. I blame the seziers and alcohol for killing his brain cells. I really thought he'd have more brains than this, but I'm going to have to divorce him. I hope he doesn't cry because I don't want to give in to his lies anymore. I've been trying to get him ready for it.