Finally I See It All

Now I see it all. He doesn't love me.....he is "stuck" and I guess so am I. I am money-less because he will not let me have a dime. I make all the phone calls and play all the dang games to find ways for him to sue the pants off anyone who has done him wrong. I am tired...heck even my brain hurts. I don't wanna sue anyone. I wanna go and FINALLY live my life without worrying....I wanna go get a haircut with my daughter. Go grocery shopping alone without worrying I am gone too long, I want to sleep when I want, eat when I want...I wanna play with my kids and grandkids and laugh.....How can I get UNSTUCK???? I HATE HIM for making my life so damn miserable. I wish and pray he would find someone else but he can't do that up my butt...I want to get a job...have friends....I never knew how miserable I was till tonight......

1SuckyLife 1SuckyLife
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 6, 2009

Two thirds of all the divorces filed are wife's. I really think there should be a warning to all woman about sociopaths and what they are in high school. There should also be some type of class for males to teach them how to treat others. They are more aggressive from birth, they should be taught interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. To bad the government and schools don't care much about marriage. Go to it might help. Sorry to here your story. Jerks like that need to be brainwashed to be nicer or have there balls chopped off. Wish it was legal to nutter men. I'd feel like I was doing the world a favor. Look up sociopath and see if it fit's his personality. Educating your self and how this person has and will keep harming you should give you the nerve to get away and find a good guy.