He's a Real Nice Guy

My husband and I have been together for five years. I found out that during those five years he has had affairs with 11 different women! Some were one night stands, others were month or year long relationships. He only admitted to ANY of this because he got one of them pregnant. He now has a seven month old with this women. Not only am I feeling stupid for thinking we were "happy" I can't sleep. I worry about this baby and if he's going to turn into a creep like his father. I want to leave.... but we have two little boys. I'm sad and scared and don't know what to do!

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

I think you need to seriously talk to your husband to try and determine why it is he is cheating. Is it just truly the sex or an emotional intimacy that is lacking? Try therapy - see if this will help. <br />
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Your husband is not only being irresponsible with himself, but he could catch and STD and give it to you. <br />
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For me - I would talk and make guidelines / rules. If him NOT giving up cheating is NOT an option and you wont leave , insist that he is tested MONTHLY, and that he uses protection. YOU deserve that. <br />
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Once you think, really think if it is truly worth saving or not- you need to decide - how much will I take? Will I take him cheating, and if so, I will set guidelines?? <br />
If this is the way you want to go - then you may want to consider an open marriage. Why - you ask an open marriage vs divorce? Some people like the financial security of marriage and the freedom of doing what they want. Most couples have ground rules, and you both have to agree. <br />
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Talk to a counsellor - see if this is what you want to save. Good luck.