A Poem

Writing poetry is therapeutic for me.  I do not wish anyone harm.  This is just creative expression.


Validation…Faith…Appreciation As long as she’s cooperatin It’s allllll good. But if she sees she’s not an extension of me, And starts to have opinions of her own that don’t agree with the opinions I’ve force fed her since days one, two, and three and she’s getting kind of uppity I will smack that ***** down. Oh no, it’s not what you think The way I treat her really doesn’t stink I don’t even touch her, just use my words to put her in her place You’re way off base Yaknow, cos her mind is in outer space She’s just stupid, fat, and lazy And I think a little crazy At least that’s what I tell her It keeps her in her place Which is in the kitchen Not out there bitchin’ About the way I treat her Awwww…come on, I don’t beat her. Although nobody would blame me if I did And I don’t touch the kids Except to poke them in the ribs And show them who’s boss Your accusations leave me at a loss for words The kids are such little turds They need to know who’s boss too Are they the ones who told you? This is MY house, I’m the master And I can be quite a bastard When I don’t get my way But that’s not every day. Usually they just kiss my *** to keep the peace And if I was really abusive, someone would have called the police (by now) But the wife knows better. She’s such a cow.  And her only recourse is what she’s doing right now Writing poetry about emotional abuse Taking her talents and putting them to good use Instead of picking every little thing apart Or stabbing a knife straight into my heart. The ***** doesn’t know a thing about writing I can do it better She can’t even write a letter. She can’t have an opinion unless it’s mine And if she doesn’t like that, then she can find Another place to live And I won’t get a shiv Driven into my eye while I sleep Without uttering a peep. The ***** is mad and the ***** is hurt And I don’t know why. Obviously it must be PMS Because her mind is always such a mess She can never make a decision Or do anything with precision Or at least not up to the standards I envision…. And if it IS up to my standards, it’s still not good enough Because I’m smarter; I work harder; I know how to barter And that fat cow doesn’t know how to get away So she gotta stay.

Writing is therapeutic for me.  I do not plan on or wish harm to anyone.  This is just a creative way of venting for me. 


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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

Cool poem! It's hard to have authenticity, support and respect for people that treat you or has treated badly. And so many of them wonder around like idiots and can't figure out why we are not happy. As if money is all we should want to be happy. It's just plain not true. We are human beings who should be treated with dignity and respect, if they can't do that they should have never got married. As if all they want is someone to make there life easier and do house chores ,cook, clean and someone willing to have sex with them when they want and how they want. And not to mention there also better off financially. 3/4ths of the divorces come from wife's, not husbands. As if beating people up emotionally is part of the hormones running through them and we should just except it, this is also not true, due to the 3/4 of wife's declaring it not so by divorce. When it comes to polls taken about divorce and children living in unhappy family settings; 81% say the marriage should end, instead of letting children live within such settings, no matter what age they are. I've been looking at a lot of the "I hate my wife stories" and it seems the men stay with there wife's even if they are not happy with there wife's and do not want to divorce because they feel a need to be close to there children on a daily basis, and many of them stay together also because they don't want to loose money. If they used there brains to try to make there marriage better, maybe they could find a way to be happy. But I guess that just seems like to much work, and it feels better to put us down. So they would rather sit and fume, and b***h about how bad there life is and how much better it'd be if there wife would just meet there every whim, or how easy it would be to replace them. We on the other hand are reading books on marriage, and going to seminars on marriage, and joining groups for support and trying to find a way to make the hell of a marriage work somehow. And again we say it's for the kids, like them we stay with the jerks, but really it's because we don't want to feel like we failed at marriage. When in reality it's them that has failed us, because yes we all need money, but that's not why we stay. We stay because we want things to work, unlike them we do not want to just suffer through life with someone that acts like we are the cause of there misery. Thus the 3/4ths compared to the 1/4 of men filling for divorce. Oh, and maybe they don't want to look like the bad guy in others eyes, but shouldn't it matter if your seen as the bad guy in your wife's eyes more? I GUESS NOT AS LONG AS THERE BRINGING IN MONEY WE SHOULD BE HAPPY RIGHT? I wish men would wake up, and realize what they are doing to there families. There probably feel like they are too good to look at the story's about wife's hating there husbands, and think we should be happy if we have a man that works. Men....please respond if you have the gut's and tell us why you feel a need to put your wife's down. Do you want us to divorce you? What's the deal? Tell us hurting wife's where you think we are wrong, and you are right. Don't be afraid to hurt anyone's feelings. We've heard it all before anyway. Your feeling are welcome here, even if ours are not on your side. P.S. Try being helpful, instead of hurtful if your able to.