I hate to admit it, but I have hated my husband for the last 10 yrs of our 11 yr marriage. I can't stand him touching me, it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

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I cant stand to get sexuallity involved either or even want to hug him. he's been mean physically and mentally that I get so depressed I don't find him attractive. I don't know what to do. Hes gone most of the time and claims I'm boring. That comes back and insults me blaming ME for lying and cheating when I've never left the house. Then the next day he acts like its another day and says that I deserve it and still somehow wants my attention and sex. I give him sex just to leave me alone, I just lay there, I'm not even turned on, I express no emotions and I feel like crying when were doing it rather than pleasure.

I hate my husband too. He makes me want to vomit. We have been going to counseling because he got abusive. He puts on a good show, but turns right back into his mean nast self as soon as I do or say or dont do what he wants. Tonight I got called a Miserable ***** and he is away and threatened to cheat on me tonight. I hate him!

Why do you hate him? What did or does he do to make you hate him so?

I was going to go to work as a dental assistant and decided not to because I can't stand the doctors and the way that most of them treated there staff. I hear stories about how unhappy most were working in such a setting and decided to go back college and change my major. <br />
Maybe you should change your "major", get to a counselor for some anti-depressants, or go to marriage counseling. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Progress toward marriage counseling or something. He must really be upset at you. I've been without sex for 8 months or so and I know I'm pist off. <br />
Do any of the above. <br />
<br />
Unless you think your not capable of loving anyone, and you'd rather not be lonely. I wonder if that's why so many men treat the wife's like crap.