Can't Take the Verbal Abuse Anymore

Ok, been w/ him 11 years, married just going on 4...what ever possesed me to get married?!  Why couldn't I see it before?  After we got married, the covert vebal abuse deminished, but the physical abuse started.  Once some friends caught onto that, he has gone underground and only verbally abuses me when no one else is around.   My son is out or at his dads, and it's only me w/ him behind the walls of our house.  I have finally realized what is going on.  They always say, when your in the forest, you can't see the sun.  Trust me after the last couple of weekends and our dog having to have ER surgery, realized that his drinking and abuse can't continue.  But the hard part is now getting out.  We actually live next door to his parents who are retired and home most of the time, so trying to escape w/ movers during the day certainley won't be a secret.  I have come to the decision that I really can't stand being in the same room as him or interact act w/ him in a partnership of kindness or understanding..  I'm so done!!!!

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3 Responses May 5, 2009

Br just dump the guy I just want to know why us I am a normal person why cant I get a normal man as a husband.Than I get the answer being an *** is normal for man.

Oh, this might make you feel better. I just found out my husband walked into a neighbors home without asking and drank 4 bottles of alcohol of his. After waking he proceeded to the bar in this mans home he entered without permissio after only one day of meeting him. He was then told to leave and come home to me. I Really can't wait tell he get's his surgery. I must get papers this coming week served and get a court date within 20 days to get him out of this house. To much of a loser for me to deal with anymore. It has really gone downhill from him verbally abusing me, once he came to the realization that he could no longer do it his self esteem came down and he became a depressed alcoholic. Talk about not being able to deal with life...

It's almost like a hunt and kill instinct with those weirdos. Only they know how much trouble they can get into if they do hurt you so they don't then they find other more efficient ways to hurt you. And when they do that they just seem to do it so effortlessly. All you can do is pick yourself up and make yourself a better person. Take the high road with integrity in your hand and God in your heart. Know you can do better without him, or without any man for that matter for a while. The last thing you want to do is rush into another twin of him and get pulled into another death trap because he might seem so much more than your husband ever was. <br />
I understand you pain before my husband went to a christian rehab his heart was full of hatred. He got out and he's been nicer, but more dependent and he knows that and less drunk. Still not good enough for me. He'll be on his way out or at least the process will have been well on the way after his surgery so he can't have any more kids. Five of them is enough even if he'll be remarrying, and he understands this, or so he said. If only he wasn't such a strewed up idiotic jerk. But I'm done wishing for his change on my time. Someone else can try to be happy with the uneducated alcoholic. If only he wanted to get better, or do better. He's choosing divorce and I must except it. All I can do is hope he can be better without me now.