Worthless Piece Of ****

I Hate My Husband.  I've been with him for fifteen years.  Eight of those years he was locked up.  Now, before his incarceration, we were basically married in name and I carried on like we really had something meaningful in my mind.  My husband has five children by four different women, which includes myself and my child.  If this intro isn't long enough--I must mention that he has always been a *****.  I thought that I was special because I was the one he married.  However, I was just the bigger fool.  He has always put himself before me and his children.  He is extremely vein, arrogant, self-centered, and selfish.  Like, a fool I waited for him , after he served an eight year sentence.  I dated, but never committed myself because I was waiting on him.  I had hopes  of him coming home and appreciating his family as well as his freedom.  I prayed that he would be on the straight and narrow and wouldn't jeopardize his freedom, our marriage, and  ourlives with superficial bullshit.  Well, he proved me to be right that it's impossible for a leopard to change it's spots.  Unfortunately, I should've changed his name to "Leopard" because that's exactly what he is.  Just recently, he abandoned my daughter and I to pursue illiegal endeavors of doing what he used to--just in a different way--along with committing adulrty.  He ultimately feel that if he doesn't have a certain vehicle or can't maintain a certain lifestyle---life is worthless.  He hasn't grasped that anything worth having--you're going to have to work for and it's not going to come overnight. I recently, became aware that he'd been seeing someone else and just recently moved form his mama's basement --to live with his girlfriend.  Once confronted, like the coward he is...he denied everything.  I hate his ******* gutts!!!  He got a whiff of me in rare form and I was everything short from damn near stabbing the **** out of him.  He's had absolutely no contact with me or his daughter until yeaterday.  I told this ************ that I wouldn't give a **** if he hugged a moving bus!  Guess what????? I meant every word.

chasngnoamericandream chasngnoamericandream
36-40, F
Oct 24, 2009