Just Another Day With The Jackass

You know, I'm so used to him yelling at me that I've almost become immune.  One day, I'm going to shove an apple into that fat mouth of his and shut him up!  He never stops yelling.  Even the kids are tired of him.  He is going out of town later this month for five days and I'm so excited.  Once the kids are out, I'm so gone...

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4 Responses Nov 17, 2009

You go girl.

You go girl.

HAHA sounds like my husband...can't argue like an adult...if he doesn't agree with something he starts yelling, i used to cry everytime he yelled because my dad never did anything like that and growing up i had the perfect parents' and life. Now when he yells at me and calls me a cun* or *itch I yell right back and call him everything in the book! You will not see a tear in my eye...he has turned me into something I never was :(

wow you took the apple right out of my hand!! i hate my husband, i look forward to days when he is out of town so i can be myself and do what i want and not be critisized for anything/everything. He never admits he is wrong about anything, even when its staring him right in the face!! i hate that !! everything is always my fault.