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I dicovered this website when i typed "I HATE MY HUSBAND" IN TO GOOGLE. I didnt think it would bring anything up, but surprise, it did. I just got of the train and sat i n the station still dumb founded from the days events. I decided to go to New York to surprise my husband. I live in Boston.We have only been married two months and havent found an apartment yet. So after i navigate through the crazy subway system and a 45 minute bus ride, I make it to the house he shares with his father. Let me mention he works evening so i wait on the porch to surprise him as he leaves. I was thinking i was going to give him something to look forward to while he was at work or even convince him to take a half day(he can he has plenty of vacation time). So there i am waiting about an hour for him to come out to leave. It is 6:40 when he comes out but, he is not alone. He is with a girl i do not reg

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I truly can't imagine what the hell is wrong with some people!!??
Why would he marry you if he didn't love you and want to be with only you? That short of time into your marriage tells that he was obviously a scumbag before you were married. My ex (married 10 yrs and together almost 13) was having an affair with one of my best friends. I had lunch with him early March/Late Feb and gave him the opportunity to come clean and at least man up to what he's done. He is such a coward and lied right to my face. He was so afraid that he was shaking like he was shivering (we were inside a sushi bar that was quite comfortable), because he knows that if I decided to hurt him in anyway there is nothing he could do to stop me (even if he was carrying his concealed pistol) from doing what ever I wanted to him. I was so disgusted that this guy who was one of my most trusted and close friends and he would cross the line with my (now ex) wife. They'll both get their due! When you're a douchecanoe things have a way of coming back around to bite you in the ***! And people like that deserve everything that comes their way. Pancreatic Cancer or burned up most of their body in a fiery car wreck? Not too good for the likes of people like that!

It's a sign!!!!!!
My instincts told me my husband of less than one year was cheating but I ignored it. I tried telling myself I was being silly. Then one night I had a dream that he went to a party and fell for some girl. In my dream he loved her sexy dress. When I woke up the next morning I told him about it. It was so vivid. We kinda laughed about it and he reassured me up and down and professed his devotion and love for me. But weeks went on and I didn't feel good about it. He swore up and down on his daughter that he would never cheat, and that he wasn't cheating.
Then one day I pressed him again about it and he CONFESSED. He had been having an affair with another Airman's wife. He had met her at a Christmas party on base and loved her dress. I guess her husband found out about the affair and was calling my husband constantly, and threatening to tell me. He even told my husband he found my profile on Facebook and if he didn't come clean he was going to call me. Well, my piece of **** cheating husband couldn't take it anymore and confessed.
We're still married. I hate him.

Girl take some dough and go get yourself a sexy dress and let him watch you walk away... Can you say spa day with his money...

When I read your comment, my mouth dropped. How ironic that I would read another woman's story so similar to my own? My husband had an affair with another army wife, they met through her now ex-husband, while I was visiting our home state. When I got back I saw signs that an affair had taken place but had no proof, until texts in his phone showed what I knew all along. He kinda confessed but not the whole truth. I later hacked his face book only to discover the girl was also pregnant. In a drunken rage I woke him up at 2 am yelling for the whole truth to be told. He came clean and I cross examined his story with everyone including hers. Now we're waiting for October to know whose baby it is. We agreed to make it work but really I give up. I hate my husband. (A good portion of the time)

Oh my go..d please don t stay he will never stop cheating you

RUN!! Don't end up like me. Six years later and more miserable everyday. Only thing keeping me going is our daughter. RUN

Lol I love I hate my husband and I am proud.

Run as fast as you can and don't look back. Find the courage to get rid of him and fast. My husband is a piece of **** cheater and he will never change. He grosses me out and I can't stand to be around him or talk to him. Not to mention how lazy he is. He cheated on me one time and I know he will do it again. After I found out about his affair I started a relationship with his friend. He is the sweetest sexiest guy I have ever known. Its the best thing I ever did. My husband travels alot for work. He is getting everything he deserves and more. He pays all my bills and his money pays for me and my boyfriend to have all the fun we want (he doesn't know this but will). I am waiting for the day when I can leave him once and for all. Run run run like hell. Oh and thank you husband for cheating on me because if it wasn't for your cheating I would not have found the wonderful man I have in my life now.


We hate him with you! Good luck! You already know what you should do so I won't offer advice. I wish you lots of strength.

Your too young to spoil your life with a louse like him. Get out while you can and keep your journey in life alone till someone who deserves you come along.

Always trust your instincts: if it makes you feel bad then it probably is, I am so sorry. Get out now though, while you can. A man who betrays you is not worthy of your love and THERE REALLY ARE GOOD MEN out there. Good luck and be strong XXX

I found this site the same way you did! He sounds like a right idiot!! Love and hugs, Momamoo xxx

Me too @ minutes ago.I hate my husband and I am Proud.

heheh guess im not the only one, i thought i was so awful for thinking such a thing but i guess im not :D

Oh how sad for you! What happened??!!

Just count your losses and leave. As a woman who has three's just better. I so wish I would have left BEFORE the kids. He never cheated but there were signs he was subpar. And, a big sign....well he isn't worth the time of day.

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I ought to know, I married one also. No doubt he will explain away who she is and what he's doing with her. My husband did that for years and I was dumb enough to fall for it every time. I guess I didn't want to believe he is what he is.<br />
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So then after fifteen years of marriage and three kids he reveals that he has NEVER been faithful to me. I caught him in an affair with the office mattress and he was so distraught he told ALL. <br />
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I hate him now.<br />
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I know how much it hurts. It's only been two months. You have no children. You can get out of this without much effort. If you are going to do it, don't wait until you have kids. Kids make things COMPLICATED. If you can, get away from him. Go to your mother's or a sister or a trusted friend and just think about things for awhile. <br />
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Whatever you do, do NOT believe his b.s. lies. The first thing a cheater does is DENY. Trust your instincts. Trust your gut feelings.

I agree you don't need the distrust and the hurt that he will bring.