Hate My Husband

Don't know why I'm writting this. You know I really do hate my husband. he is selfish, he won't give me a dime to spend & he know's I can't work. Yeah a Christmas he'll buy me something I want but that's it he won't give me any money. He complains non stop all day long all day everyday & half the night too. Oh don't ask about what cause I couldn't begin to name everything, I should say it doesn't matter what it is he complains & doesn't stop so I soon start yelling then he starts yelling & he could wake the dead with his yells. If I don't stop yelling when he says to he calls the cops on me but he can keep yelling for hours after I stop. If I go outside & sit in my car with the windows up he still yells out the door he's just crazy. anything can set him off & don't even think about asking him a question that's not allowed thanks to his mother who by the way is no longer on this earth. she heard me ask him a question 1 day when she came over and said you don't ask him questions your not allowed to do that, so ever since that if you ask him a question he goes crazy yelling. Even though she's not here anymore it has not gotten better only worse. They both blame me for her getting sick and said I gave her the cancer. I didn't know you could do that. lol but they blamed me anyways.  I would leave but I have no one or anyplace to go. I have no money no job nothing. I can't work I've tried but it's to painfull. Then every month I have to put up with the night before he get's his pension check & day of screaming & if I dare to say anything back he won't pay the bills so I have to take it. I have my little dog who I just hug all the time good thing the dog likes hugging. lol   Please help I have noone to talk to.... Thanks

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Sorry all u ladies are going thru this termoil. Have u considered a shelter?

OMG!!!!!! I am almost in the same situaion sadly my jackass' mother is still alive and worse still he has an older sister that's like his surrogate mother, and that ***** is a complete nightmare. Something tells me you can't work because you don't have your immigration papers in order and the monster you're married to won't tell you when and how you can get your papers in order so you can fend for yourself. At least you have an avenue like this website to vent your frustrations, and share with others that are going through it too. I'm sorry you're going through it,but you're going to have to find a hobby or volunteer somewhere you can get away from him for at least 2 hours a day. You need peaceof mind. I feel your pain.