He Called Me A Prostitute????? And He's The One Busted Cheating With Awhore

So I'm 6 months preggers, and the pig I am married to rarely has a ind word for me and he rarely apologizes for insults and humilating me in the presence of others.  Ok, so I bust him in a huge lie about where he'd been with his ex girlfriend.  And you know what this SOB does???? He uses that batterer's reverse psychology to start telling me how its me, and "How am I so sure you're not out there prostituting yourself"? WTF?????!!!!!! Did he just call the mother of his children, and his wife a prostitute?  Are you kidding me? Are you really kidding me? He goes off on me and then proceeds to proclaim I will never catch him cheating (which is a clear sign he must be), and no matter what I do I'll never get him for anything, just like I couldn't get him convicted for beating me.  He is a sick sick bastard, and I truly hope he burns in hell.  Ladies why the hell do we put up with this bullshit?  WHy?????

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4 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Can I borrow the anaconda so it can squeeze my husband till his eyeballs pop out then swallow him whole!!!!!!!

He is a low life piece of sh** and I am really starting to realize he's not going to change. As much as I want him to change, he's not. He's progressively getting worse, and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. Each day, I keep hoping a big *** bus runs his ignorant *** over, but alas it never happens. Knowing my luck he'll probably die the same day he wins the lottery, BASTARD wil probably die just to screw me. God please forgive me. I'm just venting, but if he dies, gets eaten by a whale, a crane falls on him, he's struck by lightening, I don't think that's to much to wish for. Ugh, I digress, I need to go to confession and pray for God to forgive me for wishing my husband gets eaten by an anaconda.

I do not know why we put up with it, i think part of it is we think they will change, and when they apologize your truly want to believe it.

Because we were made swisted. We feel to much and don't logically think. Well, atleast that what I keep telling myself.