Ok I Have Had It With Him... Im Done!

You know its one thing to be lied to over and over, but its another thing when they keep saying they will do this or they will do that and they never do. Its like they only want you to hear this so we will leave them alone and they can go about what they were doing... Im tired of this ****!


Like my husband is a total jerk. He lies to me sooo much. Well ever since he has gotten his blackberry phone, his buddies has been sending him playboy textes, nasty naked girl textes of a girl bending over and showing ever thing and much more. Well i have comforted him about it over and over, well one time he told me not to touch his phone then I would not have anything to be mad over, well the next time I talked to him about it, I told him that it hurt me, because I was starting to feel that Im not good enough for him, and that out of respect for me, he should tell his buddies not to send them anymore. And that was a week ago when I asked him that. And he told me that he promised me that he would tell his friends..

Today sitting on the couch, he gets a text,... And guess what it was..... A picture of a *********.. And it was nasty... I was pissed. I have had it up to my neck with him and its alot more to it then the texts, Just read my other story and you will understand where im coming from...

well our 13 mth old was taking his nap... And my husband never really watches our son, if he does its only for 30 minutes or so. Well i told my husband I was going to go get cigarettes and i didnt come home for 4 hours... Im done with him. He has NO respect for me and thats all i have given him over the years is all my respect. So yea... he's a sorry *** husband, and i know one thing, there isnt another woman out there that will put up with what he has been doing. If he wants this life, he can have it, but it will not include me and our son......

Any Advice!

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

Get a lawyer and leave. He has no respect for you. Do you want your son to learn from his example? Of course not! You deserve better than this.<br />
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Best wishes to you and your son. :)