My Plan Of Escape.....

I am just biding my time until I graduate law school, then I will take him for all he's worth in court.

My husband is verbally, emotionally, psychologically, and sometimes physically abusive.  He prefers to satisfy himself with online *********** because he knows it makes my self esteem suffer.  (Actually, it used to...before I saw through him and got over it).

We met in the Navy five years briefly and got pregnant with our daughter (I already had a son with my deceased first of my life).  I hadn't even given birth to our daughter before he put his hands on me the first time.  The first time was about two weeks before she was born and he attempted to throw me down a flight of stairs (nine months pregnant)...I ended up spraining my ankle and having some vaginal bleeding but she was born OK.  Over the next year and a half, he would go through periods where he was a perfect gentleman, then he would snap and shove me into a wall, or out of the moving car, or once, shoved me right on top of her (my daughter, she was about 13 months old, barely standing up).  Then he went through a long gentleman phase, even went to therapy and convinced me he had "worked through" his crap and talked me into getting pregnant again.

This time, he was significantly more  violent...he would slap me, choke me up against a wall, punch me in the face, throw me down on the floor....finally, he was going at it one time, he threw me down on the floor right on top of our daughter (again), and the front door was cracked  open and I saw a police car drive by so I grabbed my daughter and ran out in the street.  He tried to get in the car and run, but he was instantly arrested.  He was charged with domestic assault and we lived separate for about a year.  The whole time, the military (he's in the Navy) forced him to go to mandatory domestic abuse classes and even put him on Zoloft.  We talked frequently and he saw the kids a lot.  He seemed to be a changed man, and I also have religious reservations about divorce.  During that year, I decided to go back and finish my education (I only had about 28 credits to my bachelors) and pursue my dream of law school.  Since I was in the Navy, I have my own benefits and I don't have to "rely" on him to go to school...hahaha...I'm sure that chaps his ***!  LOL! 

Anyway, we ended up moving back in together (I got my tubes tied so he can't trap me into another pregnancy).  Things have been pretty decent, but the night before he left on deployment, January 2, 2010, I found a payperview Asian **** on the cable bill and got mad at him, because he promised no more **** at home (what if our KIDS saw that garbage?).  In an instant, without hesitation, he flew off the couch and had me pinned up to the wall by the throat and I could not breathe.  He held me there while he screamed at me how he was a grown man and he would do whatever he wanted, when he wanted, without some "*****" telling him what to do.  I made my mind up that moment.

Since I'd already taken the LSAT and applied to law school, I decided to stay with him only long enough to get through law school and then BURN his *** in divorce court.  The only reason I made this decision is that he is NEVER and I mean NEVER alone with our children.  If I thought he was ever going to raise a hand to them, I would leave immediately.  Law school takes three years....I have about three and a half years to freedom!!!  I also have a separate checking account (which he HATES, obviously) and I have about eight grand saved up already.  I plan on having about $20K in my checking by the time I graduate law school, and I'm sure that will be supplemented generously by his alimony and child support.

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