You Must Read This.. And Tell Me What You Would Do?

Ok well last night I had to go to the store, noticed on the way home that my tire had a screw in it. so my husband looked at it and that was it. well today he got off early (12pm), and he was outside in his shop.. Well our 14 mth old baby was taking his nap.. And my husband also knew the baby was sleeping too..I walked outside to tell him not to turn the air compresser off, and I turned around to look at my tire and he had taken the screw out of the tire. I asked him why he had done that... well our conversation ended in a arguement, so I found another screw and put it in the hole and walked inside the house and grabbed my purse and went to the tire place. Well after they were done, I decided to ride to my moms which is 10 minutes from our house. And I figured my husband could keep a eye on our son because he never gives me a break with him. So I thought this would be a good time.. Well about 30 minutes after I had gotten to my moms... I texted my husband and told him to make sure he kept checking on our son.. Well he textes me back and saids "I dont know what you r talking about that he was working"... So I FREAKED, I got into my car and drove like 95 miles a hour to get to my house... I also called my husband on the way to the house to make SURE he didnt have the baby, and he said " no why would I have the baby, i thought you took him with you".. and he also said "I cant believe you lefted him at home by his self.. what kind of mom are you?"... So I get into more of a panic and Im driving like a mad woman.. And the tings that were going through my head/////// was he ok, omg what is he thinking, is he hurt, how long has he been by himself  awake, and soooo many horrible things.. And on top of all this I have a heart condition as well... Well I pull in the drive, jumped out of the car.... ran in the house to find his crib EMPTY! My husband had taken him and lied to me the whole time.. He had our son from the time i sent him that first text message.... I walked on the front porched (in tears) and picked up our glass table and threw it.. it broke and then I guess that wasnt enough for me.... then I picked up out rocking chair and threw it.. then i fell to the floor and just cried and cried... Thinking to myself that I have married the devil... How could he do this to me... As a mother too.. It was horrible.

and we have been going through some rough stuff these past couple of mths.. But I will have to say this tops it all.... It dont get any worse... Can anyone feel my pain? 

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Sadistic cruel assholle run and dont look back if not for yourself for your child!!!!!

Yeah, that's bad. What a sadistic thing to do.


I agree with lenabug you need to leave this man his is sick and twisted. What he did is beyond forgivable.

You need to leave him ASAP!

what an ***.omg im a mother of a one year old and i fell ur pain im soo sorry man hes lucky im not his wife id kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so, so sorry that this happened to you. It was a sick thing for him to do. I think you need to seriously consider leaving him, if he hasn't at least acknowledged to you that what he did was wrong.<br />
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You should take comfort in the fact that obviously you are a great mother. I wish you the best with whatever you decide. Good luck, stay strong, and don't be too proud to ask people around you (maybe your mother?) to help you get out if it comes to that.