Well, I am not sure if I totally hate my husband, but I know at times I cant stand him.  Anything he says or does just makes me so angry.  I have been a supportive wife when my husband was going through some mental disorders, he has since been diagosed and is on medication, which has helped some but it is like he uses his disease as an excuse and he doesnt realize it is draining on my emotional wellbeing as well.   He really only thinks of himself, and thinks that he is the only one who has to deal with mental issues..He thankfully has a job (although I have to hear about how it sucks on a regular basis) but he has never been good with money, we are in debt and he doesnt seem to want to do anything to get out of it..I try to do what I can but its hard when he just continues on with his "normal" life.  He really does nothing around our house, His ONE job is to take the garbage out once a week and it only gets done probably every 2-3 weeks.  Other than that he does the odd assisting with general chores, but only because I have to ask him/ make him.  He is ok with our 2 children, but does not take initiative to do anything with them if I am around. Only when he is forced to.   I dont know if I am just being a naggin wife all the time but I cant help the feelings that i have and I am trying to figure them out.  I found this group and hopefully there are people out there that can relate to my confused feelings.  Thanks

Tamee Tamee
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Hi Tammy...i think...this is very new for me, like now, and i read your scenario and my husband does in fact have bpd and would love to chat with you about it!! We have been married 12 years and it took 12 (this year) for an actual diagnosis on paper by a Pschyiatrist! i am always on facebook too!! sounds like we def have tons in common...i have 2 younger kids, 10 and 7. I am a counselor but i recently lost my job due to funding so i am going back to school in Jan. I just want to make sure you are 'real' to speak!! This is awesome.....