Sometimes I Just Hate Him....

 Oh my gosh!! I didn't know there were lots of women feeling as I do.

Sometimes, I also hate him so much!!!

I've been married for 7 years now and I'm so tired of this crap.

Right now i'm so mad and dissapointed. Yesterday was my b-day he gave me my gift, first thing on the morning, was ok. 

I had told him over the weekend that I was taking the day off from work and asked him to be with me and go to one of our favorite places. I had planned this for weeks.

Guess what he said? His favorite word - NO. In part I understand, he doesn't want to miss a day of work, that's ok, as I said, that I understand.

Then he got sick over the weekend, nothing serious, he still went to work, doctor's appointment and everything.

Then, the very same day of my b-day (yesterday) he said that I shouldn't go to have my relaxation b-day, because he wasn't feeling good. 

I asked him if he was staying home, and guess what he said? NO, again.

I had already made my reservation for the day and I had to pay if I missed the appointment.

He expected me to stay home, all alone on my b-day, missing my massage and expect to be worrying about him in my home and him being at the workplace.

I decided to go, enjoyed my day. Came home early and then, he showed up very late didnt even ask about my day or asking me to have dinner or else, and hasn't even talked to me since then. He's so selfish and wants the world to revolved all around him.

By the way, this morning, I gave him back the present he gave me, said I didn't wanted it anymore.

I can't believe this episode!!! He can be so crappy sometimes!

He always wants it his way, and we have no kids, just because he does not wants to have them "yet". How long should i be waiting?

---Good thing, I found this group and join in.

---Thanks for reading.

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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

You have a job and no kids? Dump this guy. He doesn't love you, he's selfish and self-centered. Having kids will only make it worse. <br />
<br />
You deserve better!