He Is So Negligent


I am 26 years old and  married for an year and half.

My husband seems to ignore me all the time..

Before marriage he used to take a leave for me and we would go out and have fun and enjoy each others comapany.. now everything has changed.

he is a workaholic, i joined my studies after few months of our marriage  for an year but he got a transfer in between..., So he moved to that place and i am living with my parents till i finish my course, just a few months... He comes every saturday night and leaves early on monday morning, but everytime he comes he argues with me on petty things and make an issue about it! At times he doesn't even come on weekends saying dat "". I have work, office is open."  

Sometimes I feel that dis is not the man i loved or who loved me. Before marriage he used to call me daily and talk for hours at night and kept messaging during day. After marriage and ever since his transfer ot seems I dont exist in his life. he has not taken a single leave for me in d whole year.. We have not been able to go out anywhere, he just thinks of saving his money... now if a call him during d day al he says is "I am busy" and cuts, 5 seconds as if i am not his wife or some maid or a use and throw object who he would use on his convenience... He doesn't have evn 5 minutes to speak to me even at night.. I am tired of his this behavior and i cant stand it anymore..



It seems that i dont exist for him anymore, i am some doormat.. He doesn't love me anymore it seems... If we are together on 1 single sunday, he would argue with me or not come to meet me at all..

I hate him, i hate him..

I can't be d object of his convenience anymore

I dont want him if he treats me like dis and i dont even feel like returning to him after finishing my course..

What is d point of living wid a husband who has no time for u???

I cant leave him, it would create such a mess in my life...

Suggest some way to improve him and punish him



zoyaali zoyaali
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 14, 2010

There is no way to improve him. Punish him by leaving as soon as possible. These men are narcissicists which means they do not think rationally and cannot give. do not try to figure them out. I wasted so many years staying and staying and to no avail. These men present themselves well for the first year and them wham the real self kicks in.
You do not want a controlling man in your life. Take if from me, I am 63, got rid of all the crappy men and have a peaceful life. Get rid of him.