A*& H#*@


He is a narcisstic, selfish, self-centered, stingy, tightwad, passive/aggressive, internet prn/sex addicted, controlling, emotionally unavailable, empathy-less, lying, cheating creep.

I did not realize this was his true character until AFTER I married him. Foolish me. I thought he behaved that way because he didn't love me.

Then he asked me to marry him, and I thought he DID love me, and was going to be different.

I am the dumba*&, apparently.

I finally learned to stop depleting my energies on him. I now mirror his way of being. It protects me, keeps a healthy distance for myself. All my reading about these types teach one to remain emotionally detached, else I might crumble.

And staying is the best revenge, no? I mean, staying till I garner 1/2 his retirement funds.

Yeah, I sound pretty mean, don't I?

Well, live and learn.

yewnique67 yewnique67
Mar 15, 2010