Lazy ***

Me too... My pathetic loser of a hubby refuses to look for work (he lost his job while I was pregnant) so I am jubbling full-time job and nursing a baby to support him and pay the rent, while he winges that he has to change soiled nappies... He does nothing but yell at me and watch tv. Me: I work 8-10 hours a day (I start at 5 while pumpkin is sleeping). Come home, cook, clean and do laundry with baby on the hip. Nursing every 2 hours all through the night. I haven't slept in six months! But do I get any support? Noooo. Because he is too busy feeling sorry for himself, banging doors, scaring the baby, making a mess and wasting my money on tea and biscuits. Such a ******* loser.

Unfortunately I have no family here, but as soon as my baby is old enough to go into daycare, it is bye, bye f**kface.

Luvvy Luvvy
31-35, F
Mar 15, 2010